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See our Events/Links page for a list of upcoming events and links to other HHH info.

See Oz Hash Events for a list of Hash events throughout Australia!

Mixed Hash running on Thursday 6:15 pm
for start at 6:30 pm sharp
Logo Official website of Brisbane Thirsty Hash House Harriers, Australia

All visitors are welcome.

The Run

Runs are set to cater for runners and walkers. Bringing children and dogs is discouraged.

When and where?

Each Thursday 6:15 pm for a 6:30 pm start, at various locations on the northside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The Bucket

The cost of the run and bucket is $5.00 for members, $7.00 for visitors (that gets you two beers or two champers, or one cruiser or spirits). After that, it is at your cost, $2 per drink or $3 for a cruiser or spirits.

The On On wine glasses

Normally at a restaurant, cafe or pub after the bucket (at your cost).


Membership fee is $25.00 for six months, due and payable 25 April and 25 October.


Email: onsecbrisbanethirstyhash@gmail.com

The Pirates will be Wenching - 9th June - Ohhh Arrrh Jim Lad!

19 April 2018
Run 971 -

Phuket Kitchen 9 - 15 Jagora Drive,(Woolworth's Shopping Centre), Albany Creek
Hare: Lamb Chop
26 April 2018
Run 972 -

Shaftston Hotel, Cnr Shafton Ave & Wellington Rd East Brisbane
Hare: NOT Ned but Meat Lovers
3 May 2018
Run 973 -

Hare: Bitta Relief
10 May 2018
Run 974 -

Grinstead Park, Shand Park Alderley
Hare: Committee
12 May 2018 - Saturday
Run 975 - 4:30 at Breakfast Creek Hotel (Breakfast Creek Rd) 6:30 Newstead Park Jetty

DON"T BE LATE! See below for links
Hare: Committee
25th April 2018
Thirsty 18th Birthday, Full Moon Hotel, 118 Eagle Terrace Sandgate - 1:00 pm booking

12th May 2018 Boat Trip Extravaganza with Captain Ned, 6:30 Newstead Park [flyer] [map] Register & pay by 6th May
24th - 27th May 2018
2018 Interhash Fiji - See website for details - www.fijiinterhash2018.com
Naughty Ladies Luncheon [flyer]
3rd 4th & 5th August 2018
50th Hash Relay - It's Ridgey Didge @ Lightening Ridge, NSW
Event [flyer]
Accomm [flyer]
Rego [rego]
26th - 28th October, Thirstday's 1000th Run [flyer]
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