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The Gold Star Committee

Brisbane Thirsty Hash Mismanagement Committee holds office for approximately six months.

The latest Changeover took place at Trangs Restaurant Hardgrave Road West End on 7 October 2021. Wopa was the only one to turn up for his birthday celebration as the others had excuses not to go and help set the run.

The NEW Committee is:

Wonderful Grand Mistress Bitta Relief
On Sex Coco Chanel
Religious AdvisorKimasutra
Trail Mistress
Jingle Jangle
Brew Mistress Miss Tinkerbell
Booze Mistress (Cats Piss)
Robinson Crusoe
Hash Cash Naughty Corner
Two Lips
Hash Flasher
Raw Liver Currently in a temporary role is Top Deck
Hash Song mistresses
Flower & Tail
Social Media Goddess
Coco Chanel
Web Maintainers (the normal people)
Hi Time & Thunderballs

Queries about the website can be addressed to the web maintainers.


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